This business is for sale. Serious inquiries only 225-413-1513.
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This Business Is For Sale. Serious inquiries only 225-413-1513

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it last?

Unlike wax that has to be buffed and polished and is a time consuming task, Cajun Shine All , is applied quickly and easily and lasts until you decide to clean your car again. The shine continues to bead water up to six months with one application. You will find that after applying it the finish repels dirt and dust so your vehicle stays cleaner longer. To maintain maximum appearance and protection, apply the Cajun Shine All every two (2) to three (3) months. Between applications use a Cajun Clean All cloth dampened with just water to quickly clean your vehicle and restore the shine.

Can I use it on the interior?

Yes, Cajun Shine All is safe on leather, dashboards, glass, and carpet. Use it with the Cajun Clean All ultra fiber cloth to make cleaning a snap.

Can I use any microfiber cloth?

Absolutely not. The Cajun Clean All cloth is specially designed with an ultra fine fiber to preserve the finish on all surfaces. It should be the only cloth used on your car, motorcycle, jewelry, and boat surfaces
The Cajun Clean All cloth can be machine washed and dried. We suggest they be washed with anything beside towels which might leave unwanted lint. Use as directed, throw in the washer and dryer and clean and shine again and again.

Why use Cajun Shine All ?

Beside looking fantastic, preserving your investment, time and energy conservation, Cajun Shine All conserves water. As we learn the importance of conservation of our natural resources, it is important that you know it may take more than fifty gallons of water to wash your car. Cajun Shine All uses less than a gallon to get the job done more effectively. Additionally, Cajun Shine All is an environmentally safe, water based product and contains NO petroleum distillates.

Shipping Information?

All orders over $120.00 are FREE
$0.00-$23.99= $10.25
$24.00-$48.99= $11.95
$49.00-$119.99= $16.65

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Works on ANY surface that is safe to Water !!

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